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BBQ ICU Kit instructions:

Recommended items to have handy:

Large Towel for drying

Water hose with low velocity sprayer for clean water rinsing

Kit Includes:

Tub with Lid, ICU Rack, Scrub Pads (1) pkg, Disposable Gloves 1 pkg, Utility Pail, 2 – Adj. slide stops, Secret weapon grease cuttergrill friend (Dawn), scraper (if grate type/shape allow), ceramic scrubbers if ordered (for ceramic briquette brushing only)

  • Remove lid from kit and place beside tub
  • Remove pail, scrub kit & use disposable gloves for handling greasy grates
  • Place grates inside tub standing along wall vertically alongside rack
  • Remove ceramic briquette trays or vaporizer panels from grill protecting burners one at a time. Place on rack inside tub. Brush off with wire or stiff nylon brush.
    NOTE:Do not use chemicals on ceramics or vaporizer panels/parts
    Note: This is a good time to remove or vacuum any loose debris in bottom of grill that could ignite later and inspect burners periodically to make sure has nice full flames and orifices not blocked
  • Repeat step 4 until all parts finished maintaining parts and set back into grill
  • Placeone grill grate on ICU metal rack right side up in vertical or horizontal position (see fig 1 & 2)
  • Scrape grates with tool that fits your shape of grates if included (Note: Depending on manufacture if no scrape tool available fits your grate style you must hand scrub only) (Note: If porcelain grates, hand scrub only with stiff nylon bristle brush
  • After scraping top side of grates, flip over and scrape bottom side of grates (Note: Use adjustable slide stops on top rail to prevent grates from sliding downward when flipped over (see figure 3).
  • Remove grates and rack from tub. Place on tub lid or towel temporarily
  • Dump dry scraping debris/chunksfrom tub into waste pail and discard
  • Replace grate rack back into tub. Set one grate on rack and additional grates to be cleaned inside tub along wall
  • Fill pail bucket with grease cutting soap and water
  • Use green scrubbers for scrubbing grease from grates (cut pad in ½ for best use)
  • Rinse grates thoroughly with clean water from pail or garden hose on low spray
  • Set clean grates aside to dryor pat dry with towel
  • Places parts and grates back into grill. (Note: Hand light burners if ignition not working before putting back grates to check full flame output)
  • If oil conditioning desired, place grates back into tub on rack, spray oil and let dry
  • Place grate rack, pail, scraper tool & scrubs back into tub & put on lid cover and store for next use
  • Fire up your grill and enjoy a clean & safe grill (no heat), safe grates (no brush) and bbq that tastes fresh like the first time ….every time with no mess!

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How to Clean a BBQ Grill

Figure 1

Vertical position in Tub

How do I Clean my BBQ

Figure 2

Horizontal position in tub

BBQ Grill Grate Cleaning

Figure 3

Horizontal position in tub with Adjustable Slide Stops to hold grill grates in upside position to scrape bottom

Grill Grate Cleaning

Lifestyle picture of ICU kit