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Grill Grate Cleaning Tips

During my journey in grills sales, I have been asked this very important question so many times that I have made it a point to cover this information when a customer purchases a grill with me so they know the absolute right way to maintain their new grill grates

The question: “ How do I clean my grill grates? ”

Great question. I will start by saying that there is a right way and many wrong ways to clean your grill shell & grates. The worst thing to do is to “heat clean”. Here’s the scenario. Heat cleaning is how 95% of grillers (Dad’s & dudes) go out and fire up the grill to burn off the grease and leftovers from the last bbq. With the burners on MAXIMUM HIGH for about 20-30 minutes, the smoke begins bellowing from the grill and that means it is working…as sign of success…for dad's and grillsters..... maybe, but not clean enough for the wife & our kids. Basically, if she ever happened to see those grates before you put on the meat that she worked hard on shopping for and preparing, we will be in the dog house in no time at all...!!! .

The grates on your grill are no different than the skillet you eat off of from the inside kitchen. That is the hard truth of the matter.

That is the reason BBQ ICU Kit was created. To help all grillers and maintance people everywhere.  No Heat, No Brush, No Mess system. To make it easier to clean those “hard to clean” greasy grates. To prevent heat cleaning. To prevent nasty carcinogens from re-burning and giving off bad aromas into our food making it taste bad. To enable us to not have to use those brushes that are filled with bbq’s past that have smashed down wire strands that are unusable & unsafe and not making a huge mess in the grill…!!!


Grate Cleaning: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Jun 6, 2016

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#1 question asked on grill cleaning

“What is best way to clean stainless steel grate?”

Great question!

There are several ways to clean bbq grill grates. Many grillers have their own custom or “habit” way of cleaning their bbq grates. BBQ ICU Kit is the #1 way to clean grates on the market today.

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Heat cleaning your grill grates is BAD NEWS...!!!

Apr 30, 2016

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The worst thing to do when preparing for bbq outing is to heat clean your grill grates. The end result is overworked internal parts like valves, flame tamers, briquette trays, electrodes and etc. Read More

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