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To make grillers aware of our NO HEAT, NO BRUSH, NO MESS grill grate cleaning system. The fastest, cleanest and most innovative way to clean your grill grates, ceramic trays and burner covers without heat cleaning, without using a brush and without making a mess inside your grill...!!! Manufactures recommend that grill grates need to be cleaned before or after each grilling to maintain grill longevity. 

When the BBQ ICU KIT is used, the hazard of wire strands breaking off from brushes and sticking to food are eliminated completely...!!! 

Grill Grate Cleaning System (Patent Pending)           (Scrape, Scrub, Clean, Rinse, Pre-oil & Contain Mess)

We are super stoked to introduce the fastest, cleanest and most innovative way to clean bbq grill grates on the market today. This is the ultimate tool for the grill purchaser to take care of and maintain grill grates and ultimately taking care of the system eliminating wear & tear for a long life.

Kit Includes:

  • Grill Grate Cleaning rack
  • Scraper (Non-porcelain grates)
  • Adjustable Slide Stops
  • Utility Pail/Disposable Gloves/Scrub Pads
  • Containment tub
  • Super Secret Grease Cutter





Problem: Accidental wire strand ingested from BBQ brushes
Cause: Each year there are hundreds of reported and many unreported cases of accidental ingestion of wire strands from BBQ brushes used in grilling that ends up with an emergency room visit. The wire breaks off, sticks to inside of sticky greasy grate when heated up and brushed, causing the razor sharp strand to stick to meat when placed on grate to cook
Solution: BBQ ICU Kit
How: No Heat. No Brush. No Mess grill grate cleaning system.
Multiple Results: Not just one but multiple issues solved. Makes grill safe, grates are kitchen clean, meat tastes much better when grates not "grease coated", no unsanitary & broken down brushes touches the grates for health reasons with no mess inside your grill

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